V Tight Gel Reviews: Does This Gel Really Work?


Thank you again for visiting this blog to read my honest V-Tight Gel review. Maybe you want to get more information about this product to help you make a wise decision before purchase. Whatever the case, I’m going to share my honest opinion about this product. I will let you know the benefits it offers, how it works, and why I consider it the best vaginal tightening gel in the market today. Just read on to learn more.

What is V-Tight Gel?

V-Tight Gel is advertised as a vaginal tightening gel, the best alternative that will get your vagina back to normal elasticity without the use of other tiresome and vigorous methods such as vaginal tightening exercises, surgery or augmenting medication.

Usually, a woman’s vagina loses its tightness after giving birth and sometimes it become difficult to restore it to its normal state without using enhancements. Many women are therefore flooding online to look for a real solution to this problem. Checking on the internet, they find several products in the market that promise quick and safe results. V-Tight Gel is one of them. This product promises to deliver:

  • Firm and tighten the vagina naturally.
  • Contract and reshape the vaginal walls
  • Help Restore Suppleness
  • Restore Lubrication & Eliminate Dryness
  • Feel Young & Rejuvenated

Does This Gel Really Work?

To know whether this product works as claimed by the manufacturer or not, you need to read on and find out. I have shared my personal experience after using this V-Tight Gel for a few months.

How I Came Across This Product

In my previous article on how to make a vagina tighter, I shared my personal experience with a loose vagina. Several days after I gave birth to my daughter, I didn’t feel secure and confident in bed because of a loose vagina.

I embarked on a journey to find the best solution for my problem. Because of desperation, I was willing to try anything. I did my search on the internet, tried a variety of products and carried out many exercises. All I wanted was to find out what worked and what didn’t. Luckily, I found V-Tight Gel. After reading a lot of v-tight gel reviews on the internet, I made a decision to try this product to confirm if it actually works.

Is V-Tight Gel Effective?

V-Tight Gel worked miracles on women by reversed their vaginal elasticity and hormonal changes that caused a loose vagina and aging vaginal walls. Some women also reported that their vaginal walls contracted whenever husband turned them on and responded perfectly to sexual arousal. It also made it easier for them to orgasm.

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Ingredients in V-Tight Gel

V-Tight Gel is made up of 100% natural ingredients that make it safe and effective. These ingredients include:

Witch Hazel: A leaf extract of this plant is rich in hydrolyzable tannins which consist of gallic acids, hydroxycinnamic acids, flavonol glycosides, phytoestrogens, procyanidins and catechin and other components. All these components work together to facilitate the structural composition of muscles and vaginal walls, and to maintain the elasticity of the vaginal tissues.


Manjakani extract: This extract contains 50-70% tannin and 2-4% gallic and ellagic acid. The extract works to reverse the vaginal looseness by contracting the vaginal walls and developing the flexibility in them. It also helps to increase the sex desire.


Sodium & Citric Acid: This ingredient works by removing the dryness in the vagina. It is the natural moisturizing component which studies have found effective in increasing vaginal lubrication.

How Does V-Tight Gel Work?

Before you decide to purchase this vagina tightening gel, it is important for you to understand how it affects the body. Ingredients in V-Tight Gel work by firming, tightening, and reshaping walls that surround your vagina. When you combine this product with a healthy diet as well as the Vaginal Exercises, you will see quicker and permanent results. This vaginal tightening gel works within a few minutes of application. Also serving as a lubricant, you will be able to have a deeply fulfilling sex life characterized by amazing orgasms all your life.


  • Brings instant results in about 5-10 minutes after applying.
  • Ingredients in this formula have undergone several studies and proven effective.
  • Made up of natural ingredients with no side effects.
  • Increases the pleasure and generates a strong orgasm during the intercourse.
  • The manufacturer provides shipping to many countries.
  • The product is affordable unlike others from competitors.


  • It is only available online.
  • Extreme cases cannot be treated with this gel.

How To Apply V-Tight Gel

How to use v tight gel is easier than you thought. Using the tip of your finger, take a small amount of the gel and apply it inside your vagina on vaginal walls. After application, try to massage the gel gently on the walls. To get good results, try to do this twice a day.

How Long Will It Take To Show Results?

In my case, I received immediate results 5-10 minutes after applying the gel. However, immediate results can be delayed for some individuals. Permanent results will be seen after the using the gel for some few months about 4 months of continuous use.

Is V-Tight Gel Completely Safe?

The gel is totally a safe product because it is formulated from natural ingredients which studies have proven safe. There are no side effects as long as you follow the usage guidelines. For the best results, you must avoid fake gels or those that imitate the real V-tight gel. Again, V-Tight Gel is totally safe to use in conjunction with the condoms. Myself I didn’t experience any negative side effect with this gel. On the other hand, other women who have used it, no one has reported any kind of issue with this product.

Where To Buy V-Tight Gel

The v-tight gel is available for purchase from the manufacturer’s official website. You can also buy v tight gel from other online retail stores. For me, I ordered this product from their official website because I can get a free bonus bottle!

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How Much Does V-Tight Gel Cost

One month supply of this product cost $34.99. You can also have a look at all the packages the manufacturer provides. For instance, v tight gel price for two bottles plus a free 3rd bottle cost $ 79.99. When you order 5 month supply you can have a 50 percent off on each month supply. The company provides the shipping to many countries.

Customer Reviews

There are several positive gel v reviews and testimonials from customers who have used this product. Here are a few of them on the manufacturer’s website.

I’ve had three kids and this product worked for me. It is better for both of us and there is no funky taste………. Posted by Kerry

It works and that is all that needs to be said. I hope it will last as long as it says it does both the gel and the results…….. Posted by Stephanie


V-Tight Gel is worth your money and effort. This product gives you a more fulfilled sexual experience naturally without any type of irritation or harm.

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